U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi | Representing the 12th District of Ohio

As your representative, I believe constituent input is a vital element in best serving the 12th Congressional District of Ohio. I and my staff stand ready to assist you with any problems you may have with federal agencies or to answer any questions you may have about legislation or issues currently being debated by the United States House of Representatives.

I welcome mail from residents of the 12th Congressional District. All such mail will be responded to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Due to courtesies displayed by all members of congress, mail received from citizens outside of the 12th Congressional District will be forwarded to the appropriate representative for a response.

What is the best way to contact Representative Tiberi regarding legislative issues and to give my opinion on current events on Capitol Hill?

I would encourage you to send your views or questions to me via email. This will ensure that I receive, and respond efficiently to your correspondence. (Please note, due to staff constraints and the large number of emails I receive, I cannot provide a response to emails from outside of the 12th Congressional District.)

Email Pat Tiberi

How do I contact my Congressman for assistance with a federal agency?

My staff in the district office provides assistance to my constituents with problems they have dealing with various federal agencies, e.g. Social Security, IRS, Immigration, etc.

If you are have a problem with a federal agency, and would like me to start a congressional inquiry on your behalf, please be aware that the Privacy Act of 1974 requires a waiver. Please print out my Authorization Form and mail or fax the signed waiver to:

Congressman Patrick J. Tiberi
250 E Wilson Bridge Rd
Suite 100 
Worthington, Ohio 43085 


Please note that all time-sensitive matters should be addressed by calling my District office at (614) 523-2555 or toll-free 1 855-PAT-OH12.

Please click here for more help with federal agencies

Press Inquiries All media inquires should go to my Press Secretary, Olivia Hnat, who can be reached at 202-225-5355

Where is Representative Tiberi's District office located? My office is located off of I-270 and U.S. Route 23 in order to provide easy access, ample parking, and a safe environment for all visitors.

Please click here for a map of our office location

What is the address and phone number for both the District and Washington D.C. office?
250 E Wilson Bridge Rd, Suite 100 
Worthington, Ohio 43085 
Phone: (614) 523-2555
Toll-Free 1-855-PAT-OH12
Fax: (614) 818-0887
Washington D.C.:
1203 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5355
Fax: (202) 226-4523

Due to heightened security measures all mail sent to my Washington D.C. office may take up to 2 weeks to arrive and is opened and screened before actually reaching my office. Therefore, I would encourage you to send all written correspondence to my District office, or contact my Washington D.C. office via email.

Do you have local office hours in locations around your district?

Yes.  Congressman Tiberi's staff is available to meet with constituents in person who may find it difficult due to their schedules, commitments, or distance to travel to Congressman Tiberi's main office.  Please do not mail any correspondence to the addresses below.  All mail should be sent to my Central Ohio office or Washington, D.C. office listed above.

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