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Comprehensive Bill Would Help Today, Put Country On Right Track For Tomorrow

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Washington, July 23, 2008 | comments

U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH) today became an original cosponsor of the American Energy Act, introduced by Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH).  The bill combines a number of energy proposals into a comprehensive energy plan that would increase the supply of American energy, improve conservation efforts and energy efficiency, and expand emerging energy technology to lower energy costs and decrease our dependence on foreign energy supplies.


“This bill takes an ‘all of the above’ approach to lower energy prices for Central Ohio families,” said Congressman Tiberi.  “Increasing domestic supply, developing alternative energy technology, and promoting conservation will help bring down energy prices today and put us on the right path toward energy independence in the future.  Families need a break from prices at the pump; we must take action and urge the Democratic Majority to schedule a vote on this bill as soon as possible.”

To increase domestic energy supply in environmentally-sound way this bill would:
• Allow for deep water energy exploration
• Allow for energy exploration on the Arctic coastal plain
• Allow for the development of the country’s shale oil resources
• Cut through bureaucratic red tape to allow for the construction of new refineries to increase domestic gas supply

To improve conservation efforts and make our energy supply more efficient this bill would:
• Provide tax incentives for families and businesses to purchase of fuel efficient vehicles
• Provide incentives for the development of an economically-feasible, super-fuel-efficient vehicle reaching 100 miles per gallon
• Provide tax incentives to improve a household or business’ energy efficiency

To promote renewable and alternative energy development this bill would:
• Repeal the ban on the government purchasing coal-to-liquid energy
• Establish a renewable energy trust fund using revenues from domestic energy exploration
• Permanently extend the tax credit for alternative energy production, like wind and solar
• Eliminate barriers to safe, clean nuclear power expansion



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